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Hi, and welcome to our blog!


We’re Jason and Chelsea White, a husband and wife team that live in Vancouver, Washington, along with our precious sons, Joshua and Benjamin!


Jason and Chelsea White


Here on our blog, we share our perspectives on knowing yourself, getting traction, and living life fully! This page will give you an idea of who we are and what you can expect from this blog.


We believe that it’s possible for everyone to be authentic to who they are, living out their passions and dreams, and being truly alive! 


We originally started this blog with a desire to find our voice in inspiring and encouraging people, but we recently started over from scratch and honed in on what makes us really come alive. We began asking ourselves questions like:


  • Why do so many people lack fulfillment and purpose in their lives?
  • Why is it that many people are not living true to who they are, and are doing things that they don’t like?
  • What are people searching for before they see their dreams realized?
  • What brings about major change, traction, or momentum in someone’s life?
  • Where are communities of people that are just as passionate as we are about living authentically and abundantly?


We bet that if you’re here–reading this page–that you have these same questions burning in you as well, and that you are searching for something more. Something significant, something meaningful, something to make a change with in your life.


Something that looks like traction. 


Maybe you’re ready to do somethingMaybe you’re tired of waiting around, being stuck, waiting for life to happen to you. Maybe you’re waiting for a change. We’re here to help you with that. We’re here to help bring about the change that you’re looking for in life. We’re here to give you something to hold on to, to grab on to, something to run with. Because this life is worth living.


Would you be able to say that you’re really living it?


Here is where we challenge you to grab on to faith, to live out your dreams, to live a life of purpose; with power, momentum and hope! Here is where we live out our lives, little by little, making incremental changes that lead to a lasting impact. Here is where we build our legacy of hope and joy. Here is where we swim in the depths of God’s vast and unending grace.


Here is where we are challenged to bring the best of ourselves to the world; to the world around us, to the world within us. The world needs us to be alive, they don’t need us to just find out what needs to be done–they need us!! Truly us, truly ourselves, wholly authentic. True to who God created us to be!


This is a battle that has already been won; it has been won by grace.


Everything that we could ever need is already in us, just waiting–wanting–to explode out of us!


And that “thing”, that Person, is Jesus Christ–by the Holy Spirit–wanting to affect the entire world around us through our very beings.


God has placed such a high value in every person, and it’s up to all of us to live that value out. 


So here we are, sitting on the couch in the afternoon, with our little guy taking his nap upstairs, and are being brought to tears as we write this today. We know what it’s like to feel stuck, to not know what to do next, and to not feel fulfilled.


But we also know what it’s like to live life abundantly, without striving; with purpose, flow, and fulfillment.


We’d like to share with you our journey–our process–and are glad that you would spend your time with us. We invite you into seeing who you truly are, by the Spirit. And we give you permission to realize your dreams. We give you permission to be exactly who you already are, and that you don’t have to be anything different than that.


So how do you want to live your life?


Are you ready for something more?? 


If so, then you’re in the right place!


We will be sharing our hearts and invite you into living a fuller life through blog posts, “Kitchen Sessions” (our Facebook LIVE every Saturday afternoon), as well as posting on Facebook and sometimes Instagram. Let’s connect, let’s come together in supporting each others dreams, and together realize what it is that God has put in us to offer the world.

Let’s be ourselves!


This is how we define our blog categories:

Authenticity is about your internal reality; knowing yourself, being confident in who you are, knowing your gifts, talents, and callings, as well as your core values.

Perspectives is how you get traction in your life. It’s being aware of what you already know and how to see things differently. This includes your worldview, or your lens, thinking differently or higher thoughts, and thinking for yourself.

Exploration is your external, outward expression of living fully! It is made up of what makes you come alive; dreams and desires fulfilled, living out your purpose, and other things such as travel, creativity, and inspirational family things.

Harmony is about your relationship with yourself and others. This includes being powerful, healthy relationships, boundary setting, self-care, and priorities.

(Special note: We accredit the idea of the names of our categories from personalityhacker.com.)

Husband and Wife Team Interviews – A particular passion of ours is to really see married couples do life and work together!  We’ve seen that people need hope and vision if it’s their desire to work as a married team. Our goal is to have you hear different married couples’ takes on doing their life and work together and be encouraged by their stories. We’ll post text interviews of husband and wife teams every week.


Jason is from Florida, Chelsea is from Oregon, and we met in California (at a coffee shop in Redding:). There we both attended and graduated Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. We have also led a school of supernatural ministry for three years in Tallahassee, Florida–which we loved! We are passionate about equipping people and imparting God’s grace and gifts to others. It brings us a lot of joy to see people come fully alive and activated in Him! We’ve recently made the trek from Florida to Vancouver, Washington, and are really enjoying our time with Chelsea’s family, and at our new-found church, Bethesda, in Vancouver.

Jason likes all kinds of food, trying new things, exploring, dreaming, connecting people, coffee, a good book, and writing. He is working on two books currently.

Chelsea loves Thai food, anything related to beauty and colors, makeup artistry, prophetic art, cooking, baking, reading, coffee, journaling time, and coming up with different perspectives. She also loves to decorate, design, and write, and has a couple books in the works.

We both like to travel, love airports, and always look forward to holidays. Especially Chelsea. 😉 We started an online shop selling t-shirts, mugs, and totes with inspirational and encouraging designs at aquilaandpriscilla.co. We have one book together that we’re also working on, so be on the lookout for that in the future!



We sincerely hope that our blog challenges, inspires, and gives you the traction that you’ve been looking for to live your life with meaning and do something courageous, brave, and forever lasting.

We’d love to hear from you and meet you, virtually!

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Jason and Chelsea