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Our Family Fall To-Do List!

Within the last year, Jason and I have been more intentional about living our lives by priorities. We’ve read an awesome–and life-changing–book by Michael Hyatt called “Living Forward”. It’s all about living intentionally and making the right things (or “accounts” as he says) priorities. We’ll post more about living intentionally soon, but for now, let’s have a look at our family fall to-do list!     I’ve seen these all around Pinterest, and I was inspired to do one for…

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We’ve Recently Moved Back to Redding, California!

  Hello everyone, after knowing for quite some time that we would be moving in an upcoming season, we’d like to announce that we’ve recently moved back to Redding, California! This is where we met at a local, downtown coffee shop called Breaking New Grounds and also where we both attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (for those of you that don’t know). It’s good to be back on our old stomping grounds! 🙂 This is the city where we…

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Welcome to Our New Blog!

  We believe that it’s possible for everyone to be authentic to who they are, living out their passions and dreams, and being truly alive! We believe that everyone has something to share, and that something has the potential to change the world–at least make it a little better. Many people are using the internet, blogs, and social media to share their message in order to add value to the lives of others and the world around them. That’s what…

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