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Interview: Engaged Marriage with Dustin and Bethany Riechmann


Welcome to another blog post where we feature husband and wife teams that are doing life and work together. This time, we’d love to introduce you to Dustin and Bethany Riechmann.



Jason & Chelsea – “When, how, and where did you two meet? Where are each of you from and where are you currently living?”

Dustin & Bethany – “We met all the way back in junior high, but really started dating in high school. We fell in love in PE class, believe it or not. We are both from small towns in Illinois and now reside in Glen Carbon, IL (just across the river from St. Louis, MO).”


J&C – “What does a typical morning, day or week look like for you? And is coffee involved?”

D&B – “Oh…definitely coffee! A typical morning usually involves one or both of us trying to squeeze in a work out while the other rallies the troops to get ready for school. We have three kids ages 11, 9, and 6 who really aren’t morning people…except for on the weekends when we are trying to grab a few more winks of sleep and they feel the need to be up with the sun!”


J&C – “What is it that you do, and between the two of you, who does what?”

D&B – “Dustin is an engineering consultant by day, and we run by night (and morning…and lunch…). Dustin creates most of the marriage programs and content, while Bethany runs the show on social media and product fulfillment. We love working together to help other busy couples enjoy their best marriage possible!”


J&C – “We reached out to you because we have a passion for married couples doing life and work together. Why have you chosen this particular lifestyle?”

D&B – “We have felt more called to this lifestyle as our years together have grown and we’ve experienced frustrations in our own marriage. We’ve lived the life of working two full-time jobs, but it wasn’t bringing us satisfaction. As we have aged, our faith life has increased, and we have felt called by God to work more together to help others.”


J&C – “Have you noticed one thing that has seemed to give you traction in the work that you’re doing?”

D&B – “Engaged Marriage is really known as an actionable and practical place to get marriage help. That probably grows from our backgrounds (engineer and teacher), but it’s really given us a wonderful opportunity to get traction in a busy online space. We’ve been doing this since 2009, and we’re blessed to have reached more than 5 million couples through our site and programs.”


J&C – “What are two or three of your main core values or priorities, and how do you live them out on a daily basis?”

D&B – “While we slip up just like anyone else, we try very hard to put God first, then our marriage and then our kids. This is counter-cultural since many families do everything with a focus on keeping their kids busy and (hopefully) happy.

Instead, we make sure our Catholic faith is front and center in our home, and we let our kids know that our relationship with each other comes next. We feel strongly that you love your kids best when the two of you are invested and focused on your marital relationship.”


J&C – “In regards to the work that you do, what are some ways you both have been able to express who you are individually?”

D&B – “Dustin is very excited to create new things and grow our audience, while Bethany is happy to work behind the scenes to help in whatever way is necessary. Bethany is Dustin’s closest advisor, so even though he may be the “face” of a new project it’s very much a team effort with a “female touch” included.”


J&C – “In work and life, what are some ways that you two compliment one another?”

D&B – “Our relationship is better because we don’t have the same personalities. Dustin is more go get ’em and Bethany is super supportive in whatever Dustin suggests…although she’s usually the one to try to be as realistic as possible when it comes to the plans Dustin creates. Dustin has a lot of passion and can get overly eager, and Bethany helps balance that out with her more conservative personality.”


J&C – “Apart from your work, what are a couple of things that you two really enjoy doing together?”

D&B – “We enjoy eating, drinking craft beer, going to concerts, and hanging out with our kids.”


J&C – “What’s the vision that you have of your future selves, marriage, family, and work? And how did those visions come about? (Did you imagine it, pray, ask someone else for feedback, etc?)”

D&B – “Our goals for our future selves sort of came from a marriage retreat we attended about 6 years ago. We had some pretty deep conversations about what our dream marriage would look like, and then we truly felt called to start to put some of our dreams into action.

These goals included Bethany coming home to be a stay-at-home Mom, which has happened, and growing Engaged Marriage as a go-to resource for busy couples as well as an abundant business. That’s continuing to evolve and grow each day. We definitely pray, and we talk openly and often to each other about our plans for the future.”


J&C – “What are two or three books that you find yourselves recommending the most to people?”

D&B – “We are big fans of the 5 Love Languages and of course we encourage people to read Dustin’s book The 15-minute Marriage Makeover.”


J&C – “Is there another married couple that you can think of that is doing something great together?”

D&B – “Bethany’s parents remain a major influence in our life and marriage. It was their example that helped Dustin choose Christianity during his college years since he didn’t have such healthy examples in his own upbringing. They’re not building marriages online, but they are definitely doing great things for others…without even trying.”


J&C – “Lastly, is there a specific place you would like for our readers to go in order to connect with you guys?”

D&B – “Sure! We’d love to have your readers visit and sign up for our free newsletter – they’ll get some great free tools to put into action in their relationship! And of course we’re on all the social media platforms as “engagedmarriage” – we’d love to hear from your readers!”






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