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Marriage Works with Kevin & Cetelia Bullard


Welcome to another blog post where we feature husband and wife teams that are doing life and work together. This time, we’d love to introduce you to Kevin and Cetelia Bullard.



Jason & Chelsea – “When, how, and where did you two meet? Where are each of you from and where are you currently living?”

Kevin & Cetelia – “We met at church in 1997. We were both in the college ministry at our church. We were introduced by the college pastor, and he served as the best man at the wedding. We’re both from North Carolina. Kevin is a city slicker from Greensboro, NC, and Cetelia is a country girl from Garland. We currently live 40 minutes north of Dallas in McKinney, TX.”


J&C – “What does a typical morning, day or week look like for you?”

K&C – “A typical morning will find the both of us up by 6:00, and if we have a prayer call, even earlier. Kevin gets ready, then begins a 35-40 minute commute to work. Cetelia will spend as much time as she can in her closet praying and reading, then begins a long day homeschooling the kids. The afternoon usually includes running errands, and preparing dinner. Depending on the day of the week, activities for the family include Bible Study Fellowship, Bible Study at church, board meetings, basketball practice, dance rehearsal, meetings at church, a date, a webinar for Marriage Works!, and an occasional game or show on TV.”


J&C – “What is it that you do, and between the two of you, who does what?”

K&C – “Cetelia is responsible for the Instagram posting, and serving as a sounding board for Kevin. Kevin pretty much handles the rest of the responsibilities — social media posting, hosting webinars, coaching, blogging, email, and IT maintenance.”


J&C – “How do you prioritize and live out the following areas of your lives; relationship with God, self-care/personal development, relationship with your spouse, and family time?”

K&C – “We’re not sure how it works for others, but it is not easy! We each spend time with God early in the morning, and throughout the day as we have an opportunity. We’re constantly reading books for personal development, and taking time for ourselves when we can. We gather as a family nearly every night of the week to talk and for prayer, and date at least twice a month. None of it is easy nor routine, but we recognize its importance in ensuring our marriage and family stay intact.”


J&C – “We reached out to you because we have a passion for married couples doing life and work together. Why have you chosen this particular lifestyle?”

K&C – “Although this statement is often used, we don’t feel like we chose this lifestyle. We had no intentions of starting Marriage Works! We just liked helping married couples, and one Facebook post in 2009 has turned into what we do today. We have continued it, however, because we feel a calling to help married couples with the platform we’ve been given.”


J&C – “What are some things that you’ve seen that have given you traction and momentum in the work that you do?”

K&C – “We always get a boost from the live events we host. We have couples join us from around the country, and that is always humbling. Unlike what we do online, when we’re in person, we get to see reactions and couples committing to make changes. More than emails or social media posts, seeing a couple reconcile in person encourages us to keep doing what we do.”


J&C – “How do you feel you are making an impact on the world, or the world around you?”

K&C – “Although we don’t see the fullness of it, we know we’re making an impact whenever a spouse tells us that we helped them stay together or that they learned something from us that helped them in their marriage. We’re hopeful our impact is helping folks not only get closer to their mate, but also to Christ.”


J&C – “In regards to the work that you do, what are some ways you both have been able to express who you are individually?”

K&C – “Cetelia has been able to express her individuality by creating resources specifically for wives. She loves praying and writing, and she’s had an opportunity to practice that with Marriage Works! Kevin has been able to express his individuality by always writing, speaking, and doing the necessary IT work to keep Marriage Works! going.”


J&C – “Apart from your work, what are a couple of things that you two really enjoy doing together?”

K&C – “We love tent camping, and taking evening strolls around the neighborhood.”


J&C – “What’s the vision that you have of your future selves, marriage, family, and work? And how did those visions come about?”

K&C – “The future vision revolves around a couple of rocking chairs. For years we have seen ourselves growing older together, and sitting in a couple of rocking chairs on the porch of a home in the mountains. We envision family coming to visit us, and the two of us continuing to mentor married couples. This vision came about through time as we thought about what we wanted our future to look like.”


J&C – “What are two or three books that you find yourselves recommending the most to people as life-changing?”

K&C – “The 5 Love Languages, The 7 Rings of Marriage, and the Bible”


J&C – “What other married couples do you know of that are also doing life and work together?”

K&C – “Jackie & Stephana Bledsoe, Aaron & Jennifer Smith, and Casey & Meghan Caston.”


J&C – “Lastly, where is the one best place that you want our readers to go, to connect with you guys?”

K&C – “The best place to connect with us is on Facebook, or our website”


We hope you enjoyed this husband and wife team interview with Kevin and Cetelia Bullard and we ask that you’ll share it with someone that you think might enjoy it!


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